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Sep 27, 2012 4:00am EDT
stand strongly behind europe. we will integrate young people into our education system? order to help reduce unemployment. plus we've invested if n. spain and italy. vw is very much investing in europe. >> so the bottom line here is investment, investment, investment needs to stay here in europe, whatever the crisis is, wherever it is in the cycle of the crisis. and other carmakers, as well, that's the big question. later on i'll talk to the ceo of bentley and we'll talk about luxury cars and the exclusivity aspect as well as as i said earlier on because bentley is back into the racing game with the gt 3. back to you for now. >> patricia, thanks very much. and for that bentley interview, what would you like to ask? tweet us @cnbcwex. we're also getting people to respond to the story about the ceo of audi and putting facebook and twitter in the young cars. most people feel about it as we do. >> which group of drivers have the worst record, right? >> sounds like a trouble waiting to happen. but stick around, because still to come, china scrambling to tackle signs of labor unrest. our ne
Oct 2, 2012 4:00am EDT
image. lots of educated members of the cabinet. it's pretty hard for the average working class britt to at that time message from someone they perceive to be wealthy independently. >> not that they're putting necessarily any -- the thing is, you're 2, 2 1/2 years on out from an election, so in need for any policies. >> no, for quite some time. and the conservative party conference is the first time we've had this new reshuffled cabinet. and we have half of the current parliament done and dusted. they're positioning themselves now for the implementation part as i've been putting it, with which is where the incumbent parties will try and make everything happen that they promised to make happen. so this time around in the conservative party conference, they'll have a chance to do that. george osbourne is speaking alongside the new guy who has the transport job which really puts heathrow right back into the spotlight in terms of infrastructure. >> also fascinating to see in that light presuming johnson giving a speech. >> he is on tuesday. >> and that will be fascinating to compare that
Oct 4, 2012 4:00am EDT
and i think they can respond in a more educated manner. >> christmas present for the uk then. okay. stick around. we'll get a bit more into the spanish story, as well. but let's check in on the markets in asia a. a quick look at what's going on across the region. a week when we have no shanghai composite at all. the kospi is back after being off yesterday. hong kong had a long weekend, too. but we are seeing gains. let's check in with singapore. >> asian equities mostly finished higher helped by economic data from the u.s. closed marginally in the green. standard charter's hong kong listed tracked shares in banking stocks despite reports of a dispute with its largest shareholder temasek, but weakness in energy majors offset gains on that market due to slumping oil prices overnight. japanese stocks pushed higher in late trade following the u.s. presidential debate where governor romney the pro business candidate appeared to outshine president obama. so the nikkei rebounded off a four week low with automakers and financials surging. but tech shares lost ground after hewlett-packard's
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3